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Easy-ride is all about Electric bike in Greece


With our team we will make you discover what is an E-bike and how “easy is it to ride on it”. Once you will try, the only regret you may have would be: that you should have tried before!…

Contact us to enjoy riding an E-bike or to discover what is a bicycle with an electrical engine to assist your pedalling. You will discover again the pleasure of riding a bike, without feeling the pain and keeping the exercise benefit.

Useless to explain more, join us to have 15mns, 2 hours or half day session of easy and relaxing bicycle ride. If you have already anexperience of E-bike and you are looking for sportive session, you are also on the right sight to rent an E-Bike! Just book your session according your expectations (MTB or Urban, relaxing or sportive…): make your “EASY-RIDE” Working with many dealers, obviously with your usual local dealer (with who you are confident) so you can also contact him to get a session with us thru your dealer.

We are waiting for you to ride on our “Smiling machines”: Moustache bikes!

You will enjoy it!

And you will keep a good souvenir of a moment in a place close to where you live and that you may never have seen before! Ask to people who has tried already!…



The bike, also called “bicycle” is, before representing a hobby or a sport, a means of transport which has the characteristic to rely only on the energy deployed by its user: the cyclist! Ecological, fast, good for health… it has many advantages…



Our latest “TEST RIDE” day

It was nice sharing a friendly test ride together…and enjoy your smile…  #ebike #moustachebikes #EasyRide #piranhabikeshop #keepriding #testride #testsmile   #keepsmiling #test&smile   #smilingmachines


Antonis S. rent a Moustache Lundi for a 3 days test ride and finaly he decide to buy one #smilingmachine !!! Thank you Antonis for all those […]

EMTB of the year 2018

Since his beginnings, Moustache thinks, works, sleeps, rides, lives ebike! Moustache, it’s thousands of hours of testing, thousands of kilometers […]

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